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WCEC Architects launch new vision for student housing at  European conference

WCEC Architects launch new vision for student housing at European conference

3 November 2016

WCEC Architects have been invited to speak at 'The Class of 2020' European Student Housing conference in Vienna, Austria this week. The annual conference attracts hundreds of delegates, including a large UK contingent, involved in developing student housing. 

Nick Riley, Design Director at WCEC has been involved in the evolution of Student Housing in the UK for over ten years and has delivered over 18,000 beds in that time. Nick will present to delegates a UK perspective outlining how student housing has changed in the last ten years to respond to students needs, demands and aspirations. He will also explore ideas for what we might see in student housing over the next ten years.

Commenting on the subject Nick said; "Student housing is now a mature asset class in the UK and attracts and generates millions of pounds worth of investment for the economy. 

"I'm very pleased to be speaking at this conference as the UK is regarded as the leader in this sector globally. I believe student housing will continue to grow and evolve and we are outlining our vision for the future at the event. Key themes of my talk will include better and more efficient ways of building, greater integration of technology and connectivity, greater flexibility of living spaces and amenity space. There is no doubt that the boundaries between University campus and where students live are increasingly blurred; modern student housing developments need to provide a much greater range of facilities and services for residents to live, rest, exercise, socialise, work and play".

"The next generation of students will be the most formally educated, most technology supplied and the wealthiest ever. Ensuring student housing continues to evolve to meet future needs is really important in order for us to meet ever-increasing demands".



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