mission and values

Our core success has always been founded upon our unsurpassed level of client service. Our clients come back to us because we understand their requirements, and can deliver these to the users of their developments.

Our Mission

It is our mission to deliver an exceptional design service which exceeds client expectations.

Our Values

As a practice we have values which all of our employees should understand and share:

To create outstanding and sustainable buildings

The core focus of our business is to help our clients through all of the services we offer to create exciting and sustainable buildings. Creative design that works is core to our business success.

Focus on clients’ needs and ensuring that client expectations are met and exceeded

A responsive and proactive approach working with our clients to meet their objectives has been essential to the success of the practice and is key to our future growth.

A reputation for technical excellence through staff development

WCEC has a proven track record of building and designing efficiently and understanding how buildings are built has gained us our reputation for technical excellence.  We will support and develop our teams to maintain and enhance this reputation.

Investment in and effective use of technology to drive efficiency

As a practice we are commercially successful as we use technology to drive efficiency.  The use of BIM to produce comprehensive and coordinated packages of design is central to our competitive edge. 

Commitment to employee development

The engagement, motivation, training and skill of our team is of paramount importance to the practice.

Supportive friendly working environment

To ensure that we retain an engaged and motivated workforce it is critical that we work hard to achieve a supportive and positive working environment where our staff look forward to coming to work and feel rewarded, challenged and excited by the work they do.

Strong team working

For all of the above values to be successfully delivered it is critical that we have a strong and coherent management structure built around well motivated teams with clear goals and responsibilities.